Our Services
  • Lath & Stucco- New construction or over existing siding.  We also do "re color coats" (re stucco).  This allows someone who currently has stucco to change the color and/or finish and will repair the stucco at the same time for a brand new look!
  • Interior Plaster- not as commonly used  (sheetrock & dry wall have taken over) but we still do this as well as repairs & restoration to current interior plastering
  • Stucco repairs- for minor repairs or where a "re color coat" just doesn't make sense.  We will do the necessary stucco patch work around newly installed windows, doors, electrical boxes or where roof work was done.  We repair cracks too.
  • Decorative- stucco coated foam trim, columns,shutters & other decorative touches! This is great for adding a more modern or new look without spending a lot!